Why people are UNHAPPY ?

Happiness is a very subjective matter. What is happiness for you can be entirely different from what it is for someone else. Look within yourself and see what makes you unhappy. There are several reasons as to why people are unhappy. Few of them are quoted below:

1. A mind that keeps wandering:

Mind is meant to keep running every now and then. It is the very nature of mind.
Like when you sit in a car, you direct the driver as to where you want to go. Similarly, you need to keep giving directions and instructions to mind to think and act in a particular way. In absence of that your mind will drive you on its own wherever it wants if there is no precise guidelines and destination given to it.

2. Insecurities about life:

Insecurities about children, spouse, career, money, job, success is something that gives you a feeling of having not enough. You keep running behind more without realising the value of what is there in your hands now. Constant thoughts about being robbed, losing a promotion, or your spouse losing interest in you are definite patterns which will always keep you unhappy.

3. Excessive worrying habits:

There are people who worry excessively for little things in life. Those are the things that hardly need any attention. It can be as small as preparing lunch, waking up on time for work, will my son pass his exams, when will my daughter get married? And so on.

4. Holding the belief that life is tough and hard:

Beliefs play a very important role in what and how the events occur in and around your life. If you hold this believe that life is hard and struggling, it creates such instances and outcomes in life. The reality is not that life is tough however; it is the belief that makes it tough.

On the same hand, if someone holds the belief that life is fun and easy, it will happen so that events and situations in life will turn out to be joyful.

5. Focussing on things that are not working:

Most of the time it is seen that people excessively focus on things that are not working in life even when there are equal instances where things are going well.
According to the law of attraction, you will get more of what you focus on. And if the focus is on things that are not working well you will surely have more instances of things not working for you.

6. Conversations consists mostly of crying and complaining:

Mostly it is seen that when you hear people talking about good things and events you feel positive and energised after such conversations. The same applies when someone keeps cribbing and complaining about their life, not only the person themselves feel low and drained, but someone listening to it also feels unhappy and low for a while.

7. Not living your true Passion:

When you are doing something in life that is not of your interest but just like a robot, it brings a lot of boredom and monotonous feeling in life. People make their living by doing things that looks good in society, or because someone else is doing it, or you are forced into it. When you are not pursuing your passion it creates disparity as the time passes.

8. Believing that people are not trustworthy:

Having few experiences where your trust is broken doesn’t mean that everyone you meet is not trustful. We can be always be aware of how much to share in a relationship, it is the blind trust that weakens you. When you trust with both mind and heart in place there are rare chances of trust being broken.

9. Controlling your life:

Despite the very nature of life, both birth and death are not in our control. Other people’s actions are also out of our control. Still the need to control everything even after the understanding that nothing is in our control people go to extent of controlling events which surely will keep them unhappy.

10. Comparing to others:

Each of us is an unique individual. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses which is different from every other person. How do we then keep ourselves comparing with someone who is different and unique from what we are? The comparison can always be healthy when we compare ourselves from what we were in past and what different we are today. Strive to be a better you everyday.

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